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Jill Altmann

I find inspiration for my work in the Great Basin surroundings of Nevada and California- from monochromatic winters to dramatic summer sunrises and sunsets. History and craft techniques of previous cultures, research, travel, and hands-on experience augmented with sophisticated equipment of computers, luscious yarns supply boundless resources. I find the combination of weaving and knitting techniques and textures an inspiration in itself. If the style dictates, I don’t hesitate to change the original textile using felting, discharging (color removal), or adding surface design with dye layering, beads, or buttons. One’s body is a piece of sculpture-all shapes, sizes, and forms. I drape artwork over the sculpture!

2013- Wild Women 
2012/13 Capital City Arts Initiative Gallery, Carson City, NV;

Art on the Hill (ARTOWN) co-producer and participant
2007-10:  ARTOWN, Board of directors
2002-2004  Northeastern Nevada Museum:  Cowboy Poetry/Wild Women Juried shows
2002  Commissions for Hermitage Gallery, Reno, NV, Carson/Tahoe Hospital
1995-2007:  Wild Women founding member and exhibitor
1998  Bazaar del Mundo, San Diego, CA -BEST OF SHOW;

“Prague Streetscape”Coat (woven/knit), Arts on the Green, Reno, NV; 

“Baroque and Raising Monet” Tahoe City, CA;  Annual Show, Reno, NV, National Mayor’s Conference: Reno, NV
1997 Bazaar del Mundo, San Diego, CA - BEST OF SHOW “Washoe Basket Coat”
1996 Nevada Bienniel, State of Nevada juried show:  Reno, Las Vegas.  

Nevada Governor’s Arts Awards Finalist (Bark Clothing),

Handweaver’s Guild of America Juried show, Portland, OR,Chicago, IL “Visionary Women juried show
1992-93:  A Common Thread, NV juried touring show, 
1987-92 Wearables and Beyond, Mendocino Art Center, CA
American Crafts Council ShowsBaltimore, San Francisco; 

Galleries/stores – Santa Barbara, CA, Greenwich, CT, Santa Fe, NM
San Francisco, CA, New York, NY
1989 Nevada Museum of Art, Solo exhibition based on curated collection of Navajo and Oriental Rugs

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